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Certainly, for alvatross by SATEC people always come first, and the results of the last surveys speak for themselves. In the last month, we have achieved the renewed “Great Place to Work” certification. This is thanks to the values and culture of our company and, of course, the great response and motivation of all our employees. 

The cornerstones of our company are its people. Without our people there is no success or growth, that’s why we want everybody to feel valued, motivated and, most of all, happy. For this reason, we promote self-organization, flexibility, training opportunities and a great work-life balance 

Our employees can decide where and how to perform their tasks. They can decide to go fully remote, work from one of our comfortable offices spread across Spain or choose a hybrid model of work. The most important thing is that everybody can opt for what best suits their lifestyle and individual needs. 

At alvatross by SATEC there are constant opportunities to internally grow and move up in the company, so motivation and training are key. Therefore, we offer different possibilities for our people to keep growing and developing their skills through ongoing training courses in all different areas. 

Moreover, our horizontal structure promotes human relationships among all employees, regardless of their job titles. This way, our employees feel welcome, included and accomplished. And we are very proud to have such a multicultural and motivated team that brings very different ideas to the table.  

To all our employees, we can only say: 

Thank you for your hard work! 

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