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Alvatross is Cloud-native

Why would you like to change your architecture?

Click on the different options and discover a new way of working.

To quickly create catalogs of products, services, and resources.

Go to Unified Catalog

To automate service and product fulfillment.

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To obtain a 360º view of customer services.

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To eliminate service activation complexity.

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To accelerate failed order treatment.

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What do we offer?

The power
of simplicity.

Revolutionize your business with a cloud-native digital platform and enjoy its benefits.


Accelerate your time-to-market

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Scale and adapt

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Optimize costs

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Enhance reliability and resilience

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Comply with TM Forum standards

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Improve customer experience

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Future-proof and innovate

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A new way
of working.

Embrace a future-proof way of working and experience a new era of efficiency and innovation.


Streamline operations and automate tasks

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What sets us apart?

Reason 01
First OSS vendor in the EMEA region with TM Forum’s Gold Certification of Open APIs.
Reason 02
Microservices and cloud-native technology to be flexible and scalable. It can be deployed on private, public, or hybrid clouds.  
Reason 03
User-friendly interface to increase efficiency, reduce errors and save valuable time.
Reason 04
Designed for high availability. It can easily scale to meet the ever-changing demands of the market. 
Reason 05
Agile and adaptable team. We can quickly adapt our solution to meet your unique needs.  
Reason 06
Although independent since 2023, we leverage more than 30 years of experience in E2E Telecom and Utilities digital transformations.
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