Turning telecom operators into tomorrow’s digitally-driven experience enterprises.

A modular, open and cloud-native NGOSS portfolio that provides CSPs fast time to market and flexibility.

Our Value Proposition

We are ready to help you innovate, disrupt and succeed.

  • Bridge the gap between monolithic and cloud-native approach.
  • Support new types of customer engagement and services.
  • Improve product and overall customer experience.
  • Manage legacy and next-gen fix and mobile.
  • Ensure best industry practices compliance.

NGOSS workflows that will ensure your business outcomes are met.


Our order orchestration and fulfillment product eliminates ordering disorder to deliver services that customers purchase.

  • Catalog-driven to market new products and services faster
  • Workflow configuration to deliver new and legacy products and bundles
  • Zero-touch oriented: Full process automation
Service Inventory facilitates an end to end management of the network and all related entities from a service perspective.
  • A single source of truth that brings together all CSP’s services information
  • 360° view of customer information with north and south layer integrations
  • Historical view to reconstruct resources involved at any given moment

Resource inventory unifies CSP’s different networks in one place and designs service resources in the fullfillment process.

  • IP address and numbering management
  • Network planning process support through network occupancy calculations
  • Bulk data load allowance based on auto-generated templates

Activation Engine allows network automation configuration during the fulfillment process.

  • Main access protocols to network managers and / or network equipment.
  • Ad-hoc SDK to speed up additional connectors definition
  • Common text representation of native commands for different manufacturers.

Unified catalog represents data relationships between products and offers with CSP’s technical services.

  • Service specification and relationship management, including integration to BSS product catalog
  • CFSs and RFSs decomposition that follow TMForum best practices.
  • CSPs can configure new products by reusing services or creating new ones.

A cross-sectional module that solves order failures through detection, notification and recovery.

  • Configuration of automatic actions for different error conditions
  • Integrated with all the rest of provisioning products
  • Operate orders individually or in batches intuitively to improve customer satisfaction

Location Intelligence view of the deployed network

  • Network planning deployment taking into account physical conditions and policies
  • Service availability display of both fixed and mobile coverage
  • Distances and optimal paths for services that require new infrastructure

Alvatross in Satec

Satec’s integration capabilities brings decades of experience in helping CSPs solve their biggest digital transformation challenges.

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