From tangled ‘Spaghetti’ code to agile modular blocks

Set sail away from cumbersome monolithic architectures and navigate towards the future with alvatross.

We firmly believe that adhering to TM Forum standards is the key to providing our customers with seamless and future-proof solutions.
Automation allows us to increase your efficiency, reduce manual errors, and improve the overall quality of our service.
We provide agile solutions that meet your unique needs and accelerate your Time-to-Market so you can stay ahead of the competition.
Collaboration with other vendors and SIs enhances our value proposition to fill the gaps that alvatross leaves open.
We promote collaboration, openness, and flexibility, allowing our team members to thrive and enjoy their work, no matter where they are located.
Our cloud-native architecture allows us to deliver a solution that can rapidly adapt to changing market demands, increasing efficiency and reducing overall costs.
We provide our customers with the freedom and flexibility to choose the best Cloud and DDBB solutions for their unique business needs, without being limited by vendor lock-ins or proprietary technology.
DevSecOps is not just a buzzword. It is our fundamental approach to ensure the highest level of security and reliability of our deployments.
We provide an architecture based on modular blocks so you can rapidly build and deploy services, reducing the risk of downtime and improving your overall performance.

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Meet our team

We transform Satec’s decades of experience helping CSPs into a cutting-edge NGOSS stack that reduces the time-to-market and flexibility needed to launch new products and services.

Discover our fantastic team

Our mission

Our mission is simple:

To revolutionize the OSS/BSS ecosystem

Cutting-edge technology

Through cutting-edge technology and the latest industry standards


That enable connectivity and create a more accessible future for all.

Our story

Alvatross emerged as a
product division of SATEC in 2020.

Today, driven by a vision of corporate entrepreneurship and innovation, we operate as a standalone entity to shape the future of communication and connectivity thanks to our advanced technology and our unwavering commitment to excellence.
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