A digital platform built upon 20 years of experience.

Alvatross is a product-oriented division inside Satec. We merge both an integrator and a product approach with a deep technical and commercial knowledge of CSP’s systems and networks.

Our approach

think about different

A modular, flexible and cloud-native platform to create and deliver digital services faster.

order management

Fully configurable order management for automated and traceable management of fulfillment orders.

  • Catalog-driven, automatic creation of new order management flows for new products and services.
  • Extensive libraries for common process steps supporting fixed, mobile and cloud products.
  • Flexible integration with 3rd party components in order management and catalog management.
service inventory

A single repository with a complete view of a customer’s current and historical, cross-perspective (from business to network) service information.

  • A single source of truth that brings together all CSP’s services information.
  • 360° view of service information with north and south layer integrations.
  • Historical view of services modifications to easily trace customer changes.
resource inventory W

Resource inventory will be the CSP’S single source of truth for network elements and sites, allowing automatic and manual resource allocation to services.

  • Intuitive and powerful data ingestion mechanisms, fully configurable web views and TMF Open API-based interfaces
  • Network discovery capacities to keep the inventory updated.
  • Network planning process support through network occupancy calculation.
activation engine

Activation Engine enables automatic network configuration and activation hiding network complexity to the service provisioning flows.

  • Support of multiple protocols for communication with NMS/EMS and network elements.
  • SDK to speed up additional connectors definition.
  • Common text representation of native commands for different manufacturers.

Unified catalog manages technical services and their relationships with products.

  • Service specification and relationship management, including BSS product catalog integration.
  • TMForum compliant service catalog, including CFS/RFS decomposition and TMF633 compliant API.
  • Easy service definition based on drag & drop lego blocks.
fallout managemen

A cross-sectional module to detect, notify and manage order failures along the whole fulfillment process.

  • Configure automatic actions for different error conditions.
  • Operate orders individually or in batches to solve failure scenarios quicker.
  • Set fallout SLAs and escalation rules.

Geographical view of deployed outside plant network to take better decisions based on spatial data analysis

  • Network planning deployment taking into account physical conditions and policies.
  • Service availability display of both fixed and mobile coverage.
  • Distances and optimal paths for services that require new infrastructure.

We shine in all colours

Diversity and inclusion.
diversity inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are core to our success. We believe our workforce should reflect the world we live in and the strength that those differeces provide. By embracing various backgrounds, experiences, attributes and perspectives, we will help our employees, customers and communities to turn social equality into a reality.

We welcome applicants from all backgrounds to make alvatross a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

shine community
Committed to our communities.

As a global company, we have the responsibility to give back to society and to have a positive impact on the communities around us. We work to integrate social, economic, and environmental decisions into our business practices.

We take CSR very seriously and actively engage with several organisations. These are some of the projects we are proud to support: El León de Oro and L’ablaneru.

Committed to our communities

At alvatross we foster a culture of sustainability among our employees to reduce our overall environmental impact and to create sustainable technological products.

These are some of our actions and commitments:

  • ISO14001 certified: we anually elaborate a continuous environmental improvement plan.
  • The energy we consume is 100% renewable.
  • We commit to the best waste management practices.
  • The Dark-mode choice is a must in all our developments (not just this webpage) for energy efficiency.
  • Our response to COVID-19