Alvatross attending MWC in Barcelona (Spain)

27 February – 3 March, 2023

Let’s not mention COVID. There, I’ve done it. I’ve mentioned the ‘C’ word right from the get-go.  
It will be the last time, I promise. What I would like to mention is that we are attending the largest industry get-together in the form of MWC in Barcelona, in late February. Meeting old friends and colleagues face to face will be so refreshing.

As human beings, we are sentient creatures and not designed to communicate with each other through a virtual medium. Albeit, during the last 3 years our good friend, the Internet has been a saviour. 

We go to MWC to meet existing clients to explore how we can further complement the digital transformation strategies that they have embarked upon. Our approach is to subscribe to recognised industry standards, adopting the TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture as a baseline reference. This has proven repeatedly to introduce greater opportunities for our customers and, above all, a high degree of agility to become even more competitive. 

The timing is apt as pressures mount for operators. The need to protect against technical debt and excessive costs is unprecedented. These factors can often creep into an operator’s business over time. If you are struggling to maximise the benefits of monolithic code bases, deal with excessive change requests and fragmentation across your business units, do not despair. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and there are solutions that can guide you through the choppy waters of transformation. 

From our perspective we would be delighted to meet and share how we have shone a light on such transformations within the telecoms sector. It has not always gone swimmingly well, although managing the challenges during such projects can often expose the pedigree of a company.  

At alvatross by SATEC, we like to think that we can indeed help you and introduce you to a suite of cost competitive software. The software suite is componentised, truly cloud-native and adopts the principles of the TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture. 

Let’s meet at MWC.

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