DevOps approach and microservices-based architecture to achieve fast time to market.

At alvatross, we use a DevOps approach to engage with our customers. We leverage the latest technologies to allow continuous update cycles and to deliver value faster to our customers.

How we deliver


Initial scoping phase.

We follow a customer journey methodology to gather customer requirements more accurately. This will give us the needed features for the product backlog core to be used in the next phases of the project.


Incremental and iterative development.

Our cutting-edge development methodologies are tailored to fit each client exact needs.


User acceptance tests (UAT).

Each product increment will overcome a user acceptance phase to ensure that the delivery is aligned with customer expectations.



We involve our customers in the necessary training plan that will ensure they are self-sufficient to use, manage and operate the new systems.



If required, we analyse and execute the data migration from the legacy systems to the new architecture.


Babysitting, maintenance and support services.

The delivery and go-live of our products is only the end of the beginning. We have a wide variety of after-go-live services available to our customers.

Agile methodology

No matter how you measure it, DevOps is the way to go.

Some of the most important benefits of our way to code and deliver:
  • (Very) Fast delivery time: As en evolution of Agile, DevOps uses automation to ensure a smooth flow of the software development lifecycle.
  • Early error detection: Continuous monitoring and continuous testing are automated. Teams are daily empowered to share their feedback so that the defects are detected and resolved earlier.
  • Improved customer experience: With delivery pipeline automation, the reliability and stability of an application after every new release is ensured.
  • Higher internal collaboration: Inter-departmental silos are broken and security, systems, front-end, QA and back-end teams work together to improve business agility across the organization. All the team, together, is responsible for the quality and timelines of the project

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