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Sylvie Demarest talks about Orange's commitment to ODA

In this ever-evolving world of telecommunications and the pursue of high-quality services, collaboration and cooperation are vital to driving innovation and creating the best industry-wide standards. Both alvatross and Orange have long recognized the importance of working together to shape the future of the telecom industry through our mutual collaboration in TM Forum initiatives.
In this interview, we have the pleasure of speaking with Sylvie Demarest, architect, and key representative of Orange’s efforts in the ODA and Orange Frameworks, will shed some light on Orange’s support for the ODA, the significance of vendors like alvatross, and the future evolution of this transformative framework.

Hello, Sylvie. And thank you for agreeing to answering to a few questions. The first question we would like to ask you is the reason why Orange is so committed to the ODA and how it does so.

Of course. Orange’s support for the ODA runs deep, as we have been actively involved since the early stages of TMF’s work.  In fact, we were amongst the first to sign the ODA Manifesto. Our commitment stems from the belief that collaboration and standardization are crucial for driving innovation and creating value in the telecom industry. By supporting the ODA, we contribute to the development of a common framework that enables seamless integration, interoperability, and scalability across different systems and stakeholders.

From a vendors’ perspective, we greatly value the involvement of CSPs in TMF so we can learn what they actually need. How do you feel about vendors like alvatross that are so committed to the ODA?

We highly appreciate vendors like Alvatross who demonstrate a strong commitment to the ODA. It is crucial for us to have vendors who are dedicated to it, since we rely on them to transform the ideas and proposals we envision as CSPs into reality. When vendors such as alvatross actively participate in shaping the ODA Components specifications or ODA Use Cases, it greatly enhances the quality of the deliverables. They bring their valuable experience collaborating with customers, while also considering the latest software advancements and best practices at the technical level. This collaboration ensures that the solutions we implement are not only feasible but also aligned with the state of the art and best practices at both software and technical levels.

In the context of tender processes, does Orange pay particular attention to whether companies are aligned with TM Forum or not?

In our tender processes, Orange places significant importance on whether companies are aligned with TM Forum. At the group level, the recommendation is to request that all RFI and RFP submissions come from companies that are at least TM Forum members and signatories of the ODA Manifesto.

Additionally, we typically require conformance tests for Open APIs, based on the specific set of Open APIs we seek, as well as the mapping of vendors’ solutions to ODA components. As soon as ODA component conformance tests become available, no doubt that we will also request their results.  

How do you see the role of contributors like Orange and alvatross working together?

Contributors like Orange and alvatross working together play a crucial role in the ODA’s success. Like I’ve mentioned in my previous answers, the involvement of dedicated vendors brings real-world experience and expertise to the table. By collaborating closely, we can leverage their insights, align our efforts, and jointly contribute to the accuracy and effectiveness of the ODA deliverables.

This partnership ensures that the ODA framework truly addresses the needs of the industry and remains relevant in an ever-evolving technological landscape.  

And the last question. Looking forward, what do you see as the next steps in the evolution of this framework?

Looking ahead, we anticipate several important steps in the evolution of the ODA Components Map. Naturally, we will continue to expand and enhance the ODA Components Map, incorporating new insights and feedback from industry stakeholders. However, a significant milestone will be reached when the first Conformance Tests become available. These tests will provide a means to validate the adherence of solutions and implementations to the ODA standards, fostering interoperability and driving the wider adoption of the framework. This will further solidify the ODA’s position as a powerful industry standard and a catalyst for innovation in the telecom sector.

Before we wrap up, we would like to extend our gratitude to Sylvie for taking the time to join us in this interview. It’s been fantastic to hear her insights. The continued collaboration amongst vendors and CSPs, together with our shared efforts will undoubtedly drive innovation, foster interoperability, and ultimately deliver exceptional value to customers. Thank you, Sylvie, for your time and expertise, and thank you Orange for being a great partner in this journey.

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