Satec is now an officially certified supplier of TM Forum Open APIs


After signing the TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture Manifesto (ODA) some months ago, Satec is now also an officially certified supplier of TM Forum Open APIs, ranking amongst the top global suppliers. 


Satec, together with its OSS product division, alvatross, has just passed the official certification process of Open APIs following the TM Forum standards. After months of developing our product to meet the TM Forum standards, we are proud to announce its compliance with it. Moreover, our 6 APIs are provided to our customers in their latest version, making our company stand out from others. Our six officially certified APIs are the following:

  • TMF620 – Product Catalog Management
  • TMF622 – Product Offering
  • TMF633 – Service Catalog Management
  • TMF638 – Service Inventory Management
  • TMF640 – Service Activation and Configuration
  • TMF641 – Service Offering

TM Forum And Alvatross:

As an active TM Forum member, Satec (and alvatross) understands that the implementation of Open APIs has become key to success in an ever-growing market demanding solutions with end-to-end seamless connectivity. It is an essential trend in 2021 for Telcos so they can easily adapt and integrate with both new and existing services, creating a standardised ecosystem that is much easier to maintain and evolve.

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