Technology & Innovation principles.

An open and flexible technology adapted to your business needs.

  • DevOps and Microservices.
  • Cloud and On-premise.
  • Open source and open APIs.
  • AIOps for continuous insights.

Best Industry Standards

tmforum RW

Our products follow TMForum’s best practices.

Alvatross cutting-edge technology is compliant with the best industry standards. We embrace Open Digital Architecture (ODA), a new vision of operational and support systems to deliver a data-driven architecture that relies on the use of microservices, metadata, AI and standarised APIs.

Group Satec

Key Characteristics & Benefits​


Enhance Agility.

Our microservice architecture simplifies monolithic applications to iterate faster.


Industry standards.

We follow the best TMForum practices and adapt quickly to new industry trends.


5G readiness.

Ready for the data explosion from 5G, virtualisation and cloud technology.


Open ecosystem.

We embrace openness, delivering more value to our customers quicker.


Less code.

Low-code approach, easy to customize with a lower amount of programming.

NGOSS Architecture

Fast code-to-production cycle

We take DevOps from theory into reality.

These are some of the tools, technologies and paradigms we use to seamlessly update new features and support changing business needs.

Client side

Javascript Bootstrap Saas Material Design Angular HTML5 CSS3

Test automation

JUnit 5 Cucumber Selenium Lime

Packaging & deployment

Gitlab Argo Maven Ansible Flyway

Server side

Spring Sprig security WSO2 Grafana Spring boot Swagger ELK Bonita soft Java Hibernate


Prometheus Gluster Kubernetes Rancher

Data storage

Kafka Oracle MariaDB