Alvatross goes live at MTC Namibia

We are proud to announce that thousands of MTC Namibia customers are already able to enjoy our applications and their advantages. The last 8 November, Alvatross went live at the premises of MTC in Namibia. After almost two years of trials, experimentation, and theoretical implementation of our tools for MTC, we have finally accomplished the goal of taking our knowledge to the next level. And we feel both incredibly humbled and proud to see our tools running smoothly.

For the last couple of years, following Satec’s award of the RFP bidding process of MTC, our team has been committed to adapting our tools for the largest mobile telecommunications company in Namibia. With more than 2 million active subscriptions, MTC decided back then that it was time to modernise both their BSS and OSS. Thanks to the partnership of CSG and Satec, MTC can now enjoy all the benefits of updated BSS (CSG) and OSS (Satec) systems. 

The CSP’s goal during this time has remained the same:


to undertake a deep digital transformation of all its services (from billing and invoicing to network operations). To do so, our mother company has taken on the responsibility of providing the four main products of Alvatross’ division (Order management, Activation EngineService Inventory and Unified Catalog) together with a new DMS system (Alfresco), and the integration bus (ESB) which ensures that all integrated systems can correctly communicate. All these tools have been designed and adapted to support the specific needs of MTC Namibia across all lines of their business. And we are very happy to see the positive results of our hard work and efforts. 

Its scope and impact are incredibly relevant both for MTC and Alvatross. On the one hand, MTC can now enjoy all the benefits of a new and up-to-date digitalised and modernised BSS/OSS system. On the other hand, for Alvatross, this is a huge step forward to expand our portfolio of satisfied customers.  

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“We are very happy about the stabilisation of our products during the delivery and our contribution to the successful digital transformation of MTC.” 

Catherine Murphy-O’Connor (COO of Alvatross)

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