Alvatross becomes the first TM Forum Open API Gold certified OSS 

Alvatross is kicking off the year very positively with the TM Forum certification of eight new Open APIs, making 14 in total. We have had a hectic last year working with TM Forum, the well-established alliance of 850+ global companies working together to break down technology and cultural barriers between CSPs, technology suppliers and SIs.

Over the past year, we worked on different projects, while deeply focused on improving our own services to meet all the standards. Now, in January 2022, we can finally announce that we are the first TM Forum Gold certified OSS vendor in the EMEA region.

These are the 14 Open APIs we have certified so far:

  • TMF620 – Product Catalog Management
  • TMF622 – Product Offering
  • TMF632 – Party Management
  • TMF633 – Service Catalog Management
  • TMF634 – Resource Catalog Management
  • TMF638 – Service Inventory Management
  • TMF639 – Resource Inventory Management
  • TMF640 – Service Activation and Configuration
  • TMF641 – Service Ordering Management
  • TMF651 – Agreement Management
  • TMF657 – Service Quality Management
  • TMF673 – Geographic Address Management
  • TMF674 – Geographic Site Management

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