Alvatross renews its subscription to the ODA Component Accelerator

As part of our commitment to TM Forum and the Open Digital Architecture Manifesto, over the past year, Alvatross has been working on our Product Order Management component so it meets standards. By collaborating with other TMF teams, we have been able to bring our own ideas to the table, receive feedback and offer our knowledge to improve the already existing ecosystem. For these reasons, Alvatross has decided to extend its commitment for at least the next six months.

Specifically, we have focused on our Product Order Management. Following the recommendations of the group, our team has been able to update and adapt this component to successfully undergo all the validation levels. This way, we have accomplished our goal of turning our POM into an ODA compliant component which is now deployed inside the TMF infrastructure.

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For all these reasons, and to keep sharing our own ideas, Alvatross has decided to renew its partnership with TMF. Over the coming months, we will continue to update our POM component to prevent it from becoming outdated. Additionally, our short-term plan includes adding and deploying other components to the list of ODA-complaint tools offered by our company. And finally, our longer-term goal is to run end-to-end tests of several components working together in a real use case.

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