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Reflections on TM Forum’s Accelerate event

alvatross was recognized as a disruptor, signaling a growing acknowledgement of our capabilities as a serious vendor.
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February 13, 2024
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The Accelerate event is already a highlight on our calendar; an event we eagerly anticipate every year. For us, it’s not just another industry gathering, it is about diving headfirst into the latest developments and innovations shaping the telecommunications landscape. With anticipation running high, our team spent a week filled with networking, insights, and the pursuit of new opportunities.

The event brought together approximately 170 delegates from diverse backgrounds, including vendors and operators. The richness of discussions and the depth of insights shared made our time there both rewarding and enlightening.

At the forefront of discussions were key themes: autonomous networks and artificial intelligence (AI). It was fascinating to witness the evolution of the Open Digital Architecture (ODA) into ODAi, incorporating AI components. Apart from that, the commitment to redefiningODA components and Open APIs remained a steadfast agenda item throughout the event.

From alvatross’ perspective, the feedback received from the Senior Leadership Team at TM Forum was nothing short of encouraging. alvatross was recognized as a disruptor, signaling a growing acknowledgement of our capabilities as a serious vendor. This validation reinforces, once again, our commitment to innovation and positions us as a formidable contender in the telecommunications arena.

One noteworthy aspect of the event was the discussions surrounding the integration of alvatross into existing frameworks. We were able to articulate how alvatross complements existing solutions, offering agility and cost-effectiveness without the need for extensive re-engineering.

Beyond networking and discussions, the event provided in valuable opportunities to explore potential collaborations and partnerships with industry players. The alignment of our initiatives with theirs, particularly in projects like the SATCOM II, underscores our commitment to driving innovation and collaboration within the industry.

In short, it’s always refreshing to join the TM Forum community. We are thrilled to play a part in shaping the future of the industry alongside like-minded professionals and companies. Also, connecting with industry leaders and gaining insights into emerging trends at this event was invaluable and invigorating.

Thank you for an incredible experience, and here’s to the exciting endeavors that await us.

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