How Service Orchestration is a rapidly evolving market space

According to a recent Appledore Research, the Cross-domain Service Orchestration is estimated to grow from around $500 million in 2021 to almost $2 billion in only three years. CSPs have an incredible opportunity to capitalize in a booming market that seems to be only accelerating. Yet, the only way to get a piece of this ‘multimillion’ pie seems to be through automation, agility and therefore cost-effective innovation. 

Traditional orchestration with individual silos, monolithic architecture or fulfilment and assurance independent stacks are out of the equation. If an environment is not agile, it will have huge implications and extra (not so) hidden costs related to innovation, escalation or ongoing maintenance. What Appledore foresees is the absolute antithesis of this. Their forecast predicts multiple single service configurations based on already existing building blocks (microservices). 

The goal of all of this is to achieve flexibility rather than just virtualization in the Cloud. Yet, the adoption of real end-to-end automation is still gradual. However, all these commercial pressures on CSPs will hopefully make the adoption of greater automation irresistible. It is, in fact, expected that this cross-domain service orchestration will grow tremendously fast as CSPs shift their focus to dynamic business services and innovation.  

The chart below, extracted from the original Appledore Report (downloadable here), shows an estimation for next-gen, cross domain orchestration market.

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Chart from Appledore Research

Appledore Research. “End-to-End AutomationAppledore Research, 30 Mar. 2022,  
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