Is customer centricity a hype of the moment or a real necessity?  

There is a wind of change in the way business operate. Talking about customer centricity has been one of the trending topics in marketing for a while now. But is it just a hype? The reality shows that all companies starting their digitalisation journey will sooner or later discover that it is essential to keep the customer at the centre of their business model. Experience keeps showing that this is the only way to drive success, yet it does not mean that “the client is always right”. Its real meaning consists on keeping the customer in mind at every stage of the business analysis.  

Most CSPs are working hard to shift their mindset and become more and more customer centric. In the past, companies used to have a product-centric or campaign-centric approach. As a result, there was always a group of customers overexposed to multiple marketing campaigns while other groups of potential customers would never be reached.  

Does it sound familiar? The reality is that this kind of approach neither fits the needs of today’s customers nor the demands of the digital world. Therefore, it would be foolish to think it’s just a hype. The trend has come to stay, and Alvatross keeps designing new study approaches to create innovative products tailored to meet the real needs of our customers. 

Customer centric methodologies used by alvatross 

It is not uncommon for our clients to have a lot of specific requests. Every telco has its own different buyer persona or type of client. In other words, their targets and needs are normally completely different. So, it would be silly to think that one size fits all. We listen and pay attention to the specific needs of our clients instead. 

For this reason, our experienced UX team has designed a new approach to target our customer’s needs more accurately. Our team has taken into consideration the two main UX strategies: Design Thinking & Human-Centered Design. Their similarities are included in the certification granted by the UX Alliance, which, in turn, are the basis of our own methodology. This includes front-end engineering as one of the 3 pillars, together with a UX strategy and UI design 

Broadly speaking, the way we operate is as follows: we conduct a thorough study to see how the users interact, paying attention to their needs and their problems. This way we can focus all our efforts on a specific and clear target. During the study, we gather specific information about the telco’s most common customer type so we can build and prioritise the functionality of the new product. With this information, we create different buyer personas that match their most frequent customers so we can target their needs.  

What are the benefits for our customers? 

From a technical point of view, we can use prototypes to test new functionalities and detect potential problems before the final product is built. On the other hand, we can optimize developing times by preventing code rework. In other words, we can kill two birds with one stone and help our customers save time and money. 

On the other hand, it provides plenty of feedback from the customer from an early stage of the production process. To do so, we provide a friendly environment for our customers to come up with requests and changes when they need them. This way, our clients feel involved in the production and delivery process of their products, which creates higher customer satisfaction levels and trust.  

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