Satec Signs TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture Manifesto (ODA)

Satec aligns for replace legacy OSS/BSS systems to transform business

Satec aligns with leading global system integrators, telco vendors and service providers to deliver ODA and replace legacy OSS/BSS systems to transform business agility with simpler IT solutions that are easier and cheaper to deploy, integrate and upgrade.

Satec, a leading global System Integrator along with its OSS product division alvatross, has just signed TM Forum’s Open API and Open Digital Architecture (ODA) Manifesto.

TM Forum’s ODA replaces traditional OSS/BSS with a new approach to building software for the telco industry, opening a market for standardized software components that expose business services through Open APIs built on a common data model.

This will provide zero-touch interoperability with plug & play components and exhibit business capabilities for zero-touch partnering.

It will also enable CSPs to invest in IT for new and differentiated services instead of maintenance and integration.

More specifically, Satec agrees to publicly endorse and follow the ODA, contribute to the continuous evolution of this architecture and build and market products that support the ODA.

Satec will also participate in specific initiatives such as ODA Component Accelerator (ODA-CA). ODA-CA’s mission is to accelerate the standardization of an initial set of ODA components developing and validating specifications, establishing reference implementations and preparing the ground for component interoperability testing.

As an active TMForum member, Satec understands ODA as a big opportunity to be a key industry player in defining the new IT landscape and best practices. We are already adapting our OSS products (Order ManagementActivation Engine and Resource Inventory), to conform with Open Digital Architecture principles.

Built by industry agreement, Satec is among the first +45 companies worldwide committed to ODA principles, and one of the first european SI to commit to the manifesto.

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