DTWS 2021: My personal selection

Roland Leners
Roland Leners

This year’s TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World Series (DTWS) has come to an end. During the past weeks, our team could attend very stimulating sessions with expert insights from senior leaders about the present and future of the industry. The discussions have been significantly useful to prove and learn how to improve and meet the demands and changes of our rapidly evolving digitalised world. And here is my personal selection and impressions. 


The yearly get-together of TMF has delivered its last presentations. Although I’m far from having participated in all the sessions (some of them being closed off by their sponsors, shame on you), here are my top three moments.

The common theme is “learning”. The industry has recognised that growth will primarily come from the B2B market but CSPs are (very) reluctant to go fully vertical in each industry. All/most CSPs search for the right horizontal platform model that fits their particular market position. However, in order to define their horizontal model, they cannot avoid somehow exploring the verticals that they want to support. And this exploration provides for fascinating learning experiences.

My top mention goes to the interview of Friederike Hoffmann (Swisscom) by Mark Newman during “Unlocking growth beyond connectivity” (30th September). A rare moment of honesty and humbleness on the exploration of the B2B opportunity beyond connectivity. The intimacy of the conversation that both speakers achieved also provided a glimpse of where an online event could actually do better than a physical event.

The second highlight is Viranga Seneviratne. He took us through Dialog Axiata’s journey into B2B marketplaces, during the “Software marketplaces” masterclass (6th October). A tangible demonstration of the trials-and-errors that we need to accept going through.

My third and last mention goes to the interview of Cecilie Heuch (Telenor) during “Making cultural change a business imperative” (14th October). She gave some really great and practical insights into how to drive cultural change. I am not sure how the Scandinavian way would do in other parts of the world, but this is definitely worth listening to for anyone involved in change programs.

Recordings are available for another 10 days until DTWS formally closes. It will be interesting to see which format DTWS 2022 will take. Like the cloud, it is likely to be hybrid.

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