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Notes from Copenhagen: alvatross at DTW23

We are still sinking in all of what went on last week at DTW23-Ignite in Copenhagen. What an incredible event, once again!
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September 26, 2023
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Our team had the opportunity and the privilege of attending the DTW23-Ignite event in Copenhagen. It was three days of fruitful meetings, engaging discussions, and the opportunity to connect with industry leaders and professionals from various companies. It’s been a great experience once again.

The main take that we all share is that we are no longer that small vendor on the side. Alvatross is now a recognized industry player, “People know who we are and like what we are doing. They want to take part, and that is very exciting.” Rui M. Marques, Head of Partnerships & Alliances.

Gareth Kentish, Global VP Salesat alvatross, said “I am genuinely happy about the impact that alvatross is making in the industry. I think we have something very special in our people, technology, culture… It’s infectious.”

About our participation in Catalyst projects

One of the highlights of our participation at DTW23-Ignite was our involvement in two catalyst projects (both finalists), marking our debut in this arena.

1.       The AsyncAPI Catalyst

The AsyncAPI Catalyst was all about resolving complex scale and performance issues that have long vexed industry giants. We harnessed the power of collaboration to alleviate bottlenecks in information exchange across diverse systems. The remarkable speed it took to perform the project underscores the transformative potential of ODA and standardization.

alvatross played a pivotal role by providing ODA components from our OSS stack. We collaborated closely with industry giants such as BT, CityFibre, JIO, MTN or Vodafone to showcase the effectiveness of our solutions in addressing these challenges. And we can proudly say that it was a great team effort and opportunity to showcase our potential and realability to solve problems.

Read more about the AsyncAPI Catalyst here.

2.       The SATCOM Catalyst

The SATCOM catalyst project addressed two critical issues within the satellite industry:

-        The absence of a standardized data model,

-        The presence of a mish-mash of formats and methodologies for integration between interna land partner applications.

With three major network operators and multiple vendors working together, we achieved the seemingly impossible – delivering a comprehensive end-to-end POC proposition within 90 days. The ODA’s plug-and-play capabilities shone brightly, showcasing how efficiency soars when we work together towards common goals.

Once again, our team proved its technical skills by supplying components from our OSS digital platform to demonstrate the seamless implementation of standards and integration with other systems. This project not only solidified our relationships with the participating telco operators, but also opened doors to other opportunities which we are excited about and will hopefully announce in the coming months.

Read more about the SATCOM catalyst here.

On winning the ODIE Trophy and “Ready for ODA” status

Probably the most significant achievement of our presence at DTW was receiving the ODIE trophy, an accolade presented to only eight vendors recognized for their outstanding contributions to the Open Digital Architecture (ODA).

Our newly awarded “Ready for ODA” status is pivotal for the team. It places our company on an equal footing with older, more established vendors in the industry.

Despite our company’s relative youth, we can leverage successes like the ODIE trophy as a competitive advantage over other older competitors. It levels the playing field with more established industry players. It signifies that alvatross is not just keeping pace, we’re setting the pace. We’re agile, scalable, and dependable partners when telco operators make the critical decision to invest in our solutions.


We are optimistic. Our journey to DTW23-Ignite was a resounding success. It showcased not only our commitment to innovation but also our ability to deliver real solutions to overcome industry challenges.

With the ODIE award in our hands and a growing list of partners and opportunities, alvatross is poised to continue making waves in the telecomindustry. We look forward to what the future holds as we continue to evolve, adapt, and (why not!) lead in this ever-changing landscape.

alvatross is not merely an observer of industry change; we are architects of that change. And as we continue our journey, we do so with a sense of purpose and optimism, knowing that the best is yet to come.

The future is bright, and alvatross will be there to shape it.

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