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What makes our proposal different from our competitors?

If this is your first time reading about alvatross you might as well wonder why you should choose our products instead of those offered by other market players. Find the key differentiating factors of our company here.
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June 14, 2022
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If this is your first time reading about alvatross you might as well wonder why you should choose our products instead of those offered by other market players.  

There are six key differentiating factors between alvatross and its competitors which can be summarized as follows: 

Key differentiating value of alvatross against other market players

Being a young company supported by a market leader has its perks. Despite only having a few years of history, alvatross is backed by +30 years of experience in the telecommunications sector thanks to SATEC. We can leverage on this know-how, learning from past experiences and improving and developing new ways of working to be even more efficient and agile. 

Alvatross has no technical burdens (legacy systems). Our products are cloud-native and have been developed following the latest technical standards. From the moment alvatross was born, the company committed to following the best practices; namely, the guidelines offered by TM Forum.  

Especially in the last year, we have become a very active member of TM Forum. Whilst developing our own tools, we have been involved in collaborative projects to define, review, enhance, and occasionally improve the current standards. In other words, few companies can be as compliant and up to date with the standards set by TM Forum as we are. 

Proof of this successful commitment and collaboration with TM Forum is our gold level certification of 14 Open APIs. We are also very proud to have become the first European OSS vendor with this certification. Technically speaking, this has helped us break down technology and cultural barriers to make our customers’ journeys as smooth as possible.  

Apart from this, we also have a truly problem-solving mindset and focus. Many other companies, however, are rather focused on goals and targets. However, we think that not all roads lead to Rome and the journey is just as important as the destination. Therefore, we take our customers’ problems seriously and make them our own to find the most sensible way to solve them.  

For this same reason, we are extremely happy and proud of the work of our User Experience team. They take responsibility for making our customer’s journey smooth and simple. We truly care about this because we know that one of the major hurdles of other OSS players continues to be their user experience, and we want to make a difference. Our UX team works hard to improve and adapt our tools so our customers can quickly learn to use them. To do so, we work hand in hand with the client, involving them at all stages of the deployment process.  

This customer-centric approach creates a friendly and empathetic communicative space where our clients feel involved during the production and delivery of all their products. We do so by always having easy and accessible communicative channels without complicated and sluggish processes. This way we can be truly agile, target the real needs of our customers, while preventing mistakes and delays. As a result, we can build visual and user-friendly tools tailored to their specific requests. 

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